Akdeniz Üniversitesi

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Alanya Faculty of Business was founded in 2005 as a part of Akdeniz University  and began his academic life with Tourism Management department. In the following years, our faculty  has become one of the outstanding academic institutions with the opening of the departmants of Business, International Trade, Economics and Finance, Human Resources Management, Management Information Systems. Our faculty which has become a part of Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University in 2015 has approximately 3000 students.

With its outstanding academic quality, original and innovative educational approaches and by hosting hundreds of  international students from nearly 40 different countries, our faculty has proved itself to be an international academic institution.

As being founded in Alanya, one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey, our mission is to become an ecole in the academic world with a high social value for its stakeholders by educating young professionals who are adaptable universally, contibuting to supply of qualified work force for private and public sectors and fullfilling the economical, social and cultural needs of the society. Our young, productive and innovative  staff, our ambition to become a distinguished university, the magnificent geographical beauty and historical accumulation of the lands we live in are our significant advantages.

Dear young people, we invite you to our faculty which aims to educate visionary managers of the future and we wish you all success.

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