Akdeniz Üniversitesi

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Akdeniz University Alanya Faculty of Business, which was founded in 2005, aims to train qualified manager s and  other staff  conforming to sector demands. Our faculty provides high quality of education with its modern classrooms, computer laboratory, library, conference hall and academic staff.

Our students can attend courses in foreign countries during some period of their training by means of the echange programs. Students may also do double major or they can take courses from other departments. In our faculty the education is Turkish. However, students can take English, German or Russian as selective courses.

Despite its short history the faculty has obtained great achievements in terms of scientific, social and cultural activities. The faculty has issued a faculty magazine which is published twice a year. Moreover the faculty has a qualified academic staff. Our faculty fulfills its responsibilities both with its academic and administrative staff in terms of academic, social and cultural life.

I have no doubt that after graduation our students, being qualified youngs, will do their best in terms of both Turkey and and all humanity. And they will work hard to go beyond the level of contemporary civilization that was pointed out by Atatürk.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim GÜNGÖR

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